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A good fence not only adorns your space but also serves as a shield, safeguarding what’s dear to you. Like all things, even the strongest of fences can face the test of time and elements. Rain, sun, howling winds, and even snow can leave their marks.

But don’t fret! All fences need a little TLC now and then, and when it does show a hint of wear, you’ve got a partner in the fencing business. 🌟

Say hello to Wylie Fence Pros! With a legacy of commitment and craftsmanship in our portfolio, we’re not just any fence service; we’re Wylie’s trusted fence experts. From fresh installations to breathing life into the old, our proficiency ensures you get the top-notch service you deserve. For you and your fence deserve it!

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Why We Are Your Best Choice For Fence Installation & Repair

➢ Why Choose Us?

Your fence isn’t just an outline; it’s a statement of your home’s personality. They ensure protection and privacy, not to mention, they elevate your home’s appearance. So, when they begin to wear down, it’s imperative to give them the attention they deserve. We comprehend the crucial role of timely fence services. Regardless if your fence is only broken in a single area or completely compromised, we’re on hand to handle any issues. Our fence repair expertise holds a reputation for offering superior services each and every time.

In your search for a fence company, look no further, our solutions are the gold standard.

➢ We Are High-Quality Fence Repair/Installers

Being a recognized fencing repair service providers in Savannah, TX we deliver high-quality fence repair solutions to our valued clients. From providing top-grade materials to offering expert assistance, we will handle the entire issue. We grasp the importance of a stellar fence and consequently, we work hard to satisfy our customers. If you’ve put your trust in us, we vow not to let you down.

➢  On-time Services

When you look at home improvements, timing is of great importance. Standing as a top fence repair support, we commit to offer on-time services to our valued clientele. Our experts are meticulously trained to perform under time pressure. We pledge to wrap up the task in the earliest. For urgent needs, we also provide one-day fix services.

➢ Affordable Rates

Our fence repair costs are surprisingly fair. We truly believe in delivering premium solutions at very affordable rates. Moreover, we offer a no-obligation price quote for those trying our services for the first time. Given the level of support we provide, our rates are some of best in Savannah.

➢ Expert Fence Installation Specialists

If you’re looking to install a fresh fence or mend the existing ones, our experienced team stands ready to take on any task and finish it punctually. We possess the finest fence repair crew with us. Dedicated to their craft, their number one objective is to provide 100% satisfaction to customers.

➢ No Obligation Quote

Every so often, selecting the right fencing material can be confusing. Or maybe you desire a distinct fence look but don’t have a clear idea. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Set up an appointment to chat with our fencing experts. Leveraging their vast knowledge and expertise, they’ll guide you towards the best fencing solutions for your abode.

Our Services

Fences serve essential functions in our homes. They not only make your domicile feel fortified, but also guard from curious neighbors, boosting the visual allure of your property. If you’re actively searching for a reliable fence repair or installation service, direct your attention to Wylie Fence Pros. We handle all your fencing needs. Whether you aim to set up a fresh fence or mend an existing one, give us a shout.

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To elaborate further, here are some of our core services:

Fence Repair

We excel at fence repairs! Regardless of the level of damage, we are equipped to address it. Be it a wooden structure, a chain-link setup, or any other fencing type, our adept team is up to the task. With our expertise, your fence will shine anew.

Fence Installation

Whether you’re contemplating substituting your old fence or installing a new one from scratch, just give us a call. We are committed to quick turnarounds, always aiming for 100% client satisfaction. When it involves setting up a new barrier, we strive to complete the task efficiently. In certain situations, we even offer rapid, one-day installations for urgent circumstances.

Our Specialties

We are specialists in a diverse range of fences. From classic wooden barriers to secure privacy walls and even sleek aluminum structures, our repertoire includes a plethora of fencing solutions.

Wood Fences

Wooden fences remain one of the most sought-after fencing types. It’s crucial to understand that not all wooden fences are created equal. Their longevity often hinges on the type of wood used. The upside is their relatively reduced maintenance demands. Additionally, wooden fences can be closely spaced for added privacy.

Privacy & Security Fences

Privacy fences act as effective barriers, guaranteeing that onlookers can’t peer into your sanctuary. They offer you absolute seclusion in your abode or yard.

Aluminum Fences

For those in search of a more affordable and almost zero-upkeep option, aluminum fences are a prime choice. They feature extensive customization options in diverse sizes and heights. That said, their strength isn’t necessarily their highlight, so that’s something to consider.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences feature a palatable price tag, but the installation might be on the higher side. Yet, this is essentially a one-off expense. Their nil maintenance requirements and adaptability surpass their wooden counterparts. Plus, they’re significantly more robust than aluminum fences. Their sturdiness against UV rays, dents, and breaks—much like vinyl siding—is another advantage.

Wrought Iron Fences

Opting for a lavish appearance? Wrought iron fences are your go-to. Famous for their decorative elegance, these fences exemplify durability and style. But they might lack in the privacy department. Their primary role is to beautify and fortify your property, albeit with a higher maintenance requirement.

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